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Summary of Services and Fees
(a) Introduction service, 12% including VAT of rent due for the term of the tenancy agreed
To include:      
a) Market the property and obtain satisfactory references.
b) Obtain the first month’s rent along with a deposit of a minimum of the equivalent of one months rent from the Tenant before the start of the Tenancy.
c) Arrange a Standing Order Registration for the monthly rent payable from the tenant (where possible)
(b) Rent collection service, 14.5% including VAT of rent due monthly      
                        To include:       Points a – c above, and
d) Collect monthly rent due from Tenant and forward balance after any deductions to the Landlord/Landlord’s bank and provide the Landlord with monthly statements.
(c) Management service, 18% including VAT of rent due monthly
                        To include:       Points a – d above, and
e) Respond to any maintenance problems reported by the Tenant and arrange repairs

The Tenancy Agreement
Unless otherwise instructed in writing we will issue our own standard appropriate Tenancy Agreement at a cost to the Landlord of £100.00 inc. VAT and ensure that this is signed by the Tenant prior to the Tenant taking occupancy of the property.

Tenancy Deposit Protection
We will protect all deposits under our membership of The Dispute Service. We will need to charge a fee of £50.00 inc. VAT to the Landlord per tenancy to cover our associated costs.

The Inventory
If required we will instruct an independent professional inventory clerk on your behalf. Please enquire in branch for details.