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Tenant Fees

SET UP FEE                
£195.00 per applicant
Full tenant profile including identity check, immigration and visa confirmation (if applicable) financial credit checks, obtaining references from current or previous employers/landlords and any other relevant information to assess suitability.  Contract negotiation (amending and agreeing terms) and arranging the tenancy and agreement

GUARANTOR FEE                                                    
£135.00 per guarantor
Covering credit referencing and preparing a Deed of Guarantee as part of the Tenancy Agreement

PERMITTED OCCUPIER FEE                                      
£72.00 per person
Explaining to any permitted occupier (temporary or for the duration of the tenancy) their rights and responsibilities towards the named tenant(s) and landlord as well as the provision of documentary guidance and assistance during the tenancy

ACCOMPANIED CHECK-IN FEE (optional)                              
Explaining how appliances function and taking meter readings for utilities and services

Amendment Fee: Contract negotiation, amending and updating the agreement

Maximum charge    £120.00
Check out Fee: Attending the property to update the Schedule of Condition an Inventory (if applicable) and negotiating the repayment of the security deposit(s)

Professional Cleaning (if required)                
As this is an Independent Company a quote would be provided to the tenant and if agreed, we will be deducted from the Security Deposit.  Only charged if the tenant requests this service or if professional cleaning is necessary to return the property to the same conditional as at the start of the tenancy